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Prevention of Noise by RF Plasma & Micro wave
Ground Connection
Impedance control
Short delivery time
Quality verified products by semiconductor manufacturers and semiconductor equipment companies
Possibility custom order
Process Maker OEM Part No Description Material Equipment
ETCH TEL 2L80‐001537‐11 Tube,SPIRAL..E01M24HAS Hastelloy VESTA
2L47‐000002‐11 Tube,SPIRAL..E01M44HAS Hastelloy
047-004452-1 Tube Spiral EMI Gasket Stainless steel VIGUS
047-005420-1 Tube Spiral EMI Gasket Stainless steel
ES047-005908-1 SUS,TUBE, SPIRAL Stainless steel
047-005419-1 Tube Spiral EMI Gasket Stainless steel JIN
047-004416-1 Tube Spiral EMI Gasket Stainless steel
047-004186-1 Tube Spiral EMI Gasket Stainless steel
047-005412-1 Tube Spiral EMI Gasket Stainless steel
2L80-000271-11 AL/TI.TUBE.SPIRAL Aluminum / Titanium VIGUS
3Z10-401792-11 Tube,SPIRAL Stainless steel VIGUS/SHIN
1802-420161-11 Tube,SPIRAL Stainless steel
1802-420160-11 Tube,SPIRAL Stainless steel
F-STNI06302 Tube,SPIRAL Stainless steel
047-003069-1 Tube,SPIRAL Beryllium / stannum SHIN
047-003381-1 Tube,SPIRAL Beryllium / stannum
LAM 739-041591-005 GSKT,RF,.187 DIA,LOW FORCE Stainless steel KIYO
718-102757-001 GSKT RF LINER GND NC 50" Stainless steel FS. FX. GX
726‐192783‐004 GSKT, EMI, WELDED, ELG 078X15.0 Elgiloy
718-052830-007 MOD,GSKT,EMI,STAINLESS STEEL Stainless steel FLEX. EX. FX. FS. GX
718-052830-039 MOD,GSKT,EMI,STAINLESS STEEL Stainless steel
718-052830-042 MOD,GSKT,EMI,STAINLESS STEEL Stainless steel
718-052830-055 MOD,GSKT,EMI,STAINLESS STEEL Stainless steel
857-039208-200 Ground Strap COPPER + Silicon FS. EX
857-039208-250 Ground Strap COPPER + Silicon FX
719-146880-113 Ground Strap Stainless steel GX
SEMES 6302-001242 USS-48S-30M Stainless steel Michelan O3
6302-001209 USS-24M-30M Stainless steel Michelan O3
6754-000320 USS-36S-30M Stainless steel Michelan O3
6302-001103 USS-32M-30M Stainless steel Michelan O3
MATTSON 1004312 GASKET(30M) Beryllium / Stannum -
1006336 GASKET(7.6M) Beryllium / Nickel -
1001072 GASKET(30M) Beryllium / Stannum -
METAL AMAT 047-003069-1 Spiral Shield SS-06 Beryllium / Stannum AVATA
0190-43658 GASKET, SHLD EMI Beryllium / Stannum PRODUCER
CVD AMAT 9191-442003 Tube Spiral EMI Gasket Stainless steel ASM
0021-07859 MOCVD PURGE RING GASKET Stainless steel MOCVD