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Super hydrophobic Coating

Super Hydrophobic Coating
Super Hydrophobic Coating
Semiconductor Parts Special Coating
Non-conductive and Chemical Resistant Coatings
Excellent Effects of Strong Acid and Strong Base Corrosion Protection
Cost down with the excellence of self-cleaning function
Industrial Parts Special Coating
Excellent effect on salt water spray to prevent corrosion and extend the life of the product
Anti-condensation & Freezing Effect
Super hydrophobic Coating Advantages

Corrosion & Chemical Resistance

Corrosion resistance
Chemical resistance

Water Repellent & Oil Repellent Function

& Oleophobic

Apply to various materials

Apply to
various materials

Ice & Condensation Prevention

ICE & Condensation

Mold Formation Prevention


Excellent Contaminant Removal Capability


Transparent coating

Transparent coating
Applicable to glass,
acryl products

9H Hardness and Flexibility

9H Firmness
and Flexibility

Strong in Ultraviolet Lays

Strong in ultraviolet

Various Coating Methods

Various Coating

Superhydrophobic Coating Verification Test Report

IPA 72hr 99.9%

Surfactant 72hr 99.9%

Ammonia water 72hr 99.9%

Four Major Heavy Metal Test

Volatile Organic Compound Test